Simply adding those indicated reg files and copying iastor. Can you give me the details of your retrofit? Originally Posted by brothergc. As for not having a floppy Hey, no stress, folks, may thee rejoice in relaxation and building up your own dreams against the owerpower from aobve.

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Intel DP35DP and SATA?

How it’s done that there’s no more “error loading operating system”-message, is a hard, but dp35do one. Please excuse any mistakes that may have slipped in my post. As I wrote, clean drives help a lot here. Should I just use IDE mode?

It’s not my fault. The only solutions I have found reported as working are to use a USB floppy drive- which may work or not, depending on the specific drive, or to install from an ISO image of the Dp35rp which includes the new drivers. I can’t find that documentation anywhere I’ll probably jump infel Vista when it feels right, too. I waited minutes like the instructions said, powered it down and back up, and it said it has version Or what else should I do?! I am considering giving up on XP and installing Vista.

I’m trying to boot from a syslinux based flash drive, and it just says boot error. Also, I may not have installed Intel iacp files correctly. Joined Nov Posts 2.

Essentials Only Full Version. I guess it could be the optical drive itself since the discs don’t spin up, but USB should at least work After installing the drivers from Intel’s driver disk, I was able to re-integrate the PATA optical drive and all is well.

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When I manually boot from it just to make sure it gives a correct error, it does. I see ICH9 enabled under device manager. I built another computer with it, and it’s performing well in software development.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DP35DP

No need to be so hard on yourself. On Vista, I just used a sandisk microSD stick thingee to install the raid drivers. Thank goodness I didn’t. IMO it’s not one I would buy.

Intel DP35DP Mobo – Sata – AHCI or IDE?

Sign up using Email and Password. The Seagate I’m taking over intact with a lot of important data on it. What can I do at this point?

Check out these links: When that happens, my day will be made.

Sat Aug 04, 1: I chose “Try Ubuntu without Installing” and I xhci have a fast blinking cursor The only thing holding up the release is that Microsoft has yet to work out the system the installation crystal uses to incinerate software pirates. Putting the same driver for two diffrent devices. One thing that is important to note is that even though your drives will come up working without installing the drivers, they will be operating in IDE mode. If its an array then yes you will need drivers.