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The Verity services are also bit. Please type your message and try again. Yes, it appears we are in the same boat. NET integration services and database drivers currently run in bit mode. However, we hope that your experience with the new features will ultimately leave We are pleased with the progress we have made in just a few short weeks. Obviously not the same driver, but I remember having better luck with it than with ODBC last time I played around with it.

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Please enter a title. Sign up using Email and Password. HealthPERX is intended jdgc those circumstances jcbc it You would want to configure SQL Server in its enterprise manager, in the properties for the server to lower the max memory which is essentially “unlimited” by defaultso that both servers could co-exist on a single box.

But I just found a clarificaiton in a devnet article by an Adobe engineer that does seem to put the nail in the coffin:. To the left or bottom for mobileyou will find a directory of important administration pages. ODBC or some other native code.

Thanks for your help. ColdFusion provides almost the same answer. If so, I have more thoughts for you below. You’re on CF Enterprise.


Verify connection and you should not see that stupid architecture mismatch error message. You can macromefia go there and download for free trial. My server is a “virgin” Windows R2 box with bit ColdFusion 9. It looks like a more optimal solution might be to have 2 boxes running.

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So is there any obvious configuration error here? We are putting them on a “legacy” server until we can recode them over to SQL.

Did you try it? No offense intended in mentioning that. I’m just reasserting the macromediia of that CF manual and the others. It’s just that many never even notice that it exists. You can not post a blank message.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As always, when you migrate data and change platforms, even in macromecia spirt of improving and moving forward, there are some bumps in the road.

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I have the same question as “joseib”. Or perhaps you recently jumped from 5 or earlier to 9. If you notice an error or something that needs fixing, please click here to submit sequelnik form.

Obviously not the same driver, but I remember having better luck with it than with ODBC last time I played around with it. Charlie – I sequelino this topic is now a couple of months old, but with the research you did, and maybe experienced: I have a support ticket in with Adobe on this Oracle specificallybut haven’t heard anything yet. Having the option of using ODBC drivers is important to my department and quite frankly, this stuff should world. But if he doesn’t go for that, then I will lower the memory requirements for SQL.

Your point is well taken about using JDBC jxbc and that is definitely a possibility for some of our data sources, but this server that I’m working on is a test to see what works and what doesn’t. Please type your message and try again. As for “issues with this config”, it kind of depends on what you’re asking.