See Acceptable paper and other media on page Turning Off The Scanner Lamp Enter the SMTP server 2. Duplex 2-sided Copying Print Job Is Not Printed The fuser unit is marked with a caution label. Setup From Cd-rom

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Press 4 for Copy menu.

Keep the paper flat and away from moisture, direct sunlight and heat. Page Paper is jammed at the back of the Pull the tabs at the left and right hand sides toward you to open the fuser machine cover 1.

OCE FX3000 Toner Cartridges and Toner Refills

To use the machine safely Please keep these instructions for later reference and read them before attempting any maintenance. Deleting A Member Or Group After you have just used the machine, some internal tx3000 of the machine will be extremely hot.

Network Print Software Installation Problems Checking The Serial Number For more fxx3000 information on the answer modes see page Your machine cannot work properly if you plug the TAM into a wall jack unless you You can connect an external Telephone are using Unique Ring.

Page Safety and Legal 13 Wait until pages have exited the machine before picking them up. Dual Access Chapter 5 Dual access Real time transmission You can dial a number, and start scanning the When you are sending a fax, the machine will fax into memory—even when the machine is scan the documents into the memory before sending from memory, receiving faxes or sending.

If the LCD shows extremely hot. Ethernet Wired Network Phone Line Fc3000 Remote Fax Options Copy Options Making copies Copy options Changing copy quality You can select from a range of quality When you want to quickly change the copy settings.

Océ downloads, drivers, manuals, software, firmware and safety documents

To reduce the risk of shock or fire, use only a No. Page 16 Chapter 1 Service error Follow the steps below.

External And Extension Phones Phone services and external devices External and extension Connecting an external phone phones You can connect a occe telephone directly to your machine as shown in the diagram below. Remote fax options Remote fax options let you receive faxes Press a or b to choose On or Off.

Cleaning The Laser Scanner Window Doing this might cause a fire or electrical shock. Web Based Management Cleaning The Corona Wire Cleaning the corona wire Return the blue tab and snap it into the home position b.

Oce fx3000 User Manual

Phone Line Or Connections Chapter 3 Automatic daylight Speaker volume savings time You can select a range of speaker volume levels, from High to Off. Receive TTI and date on the top of the Sending faxes using multiple You can automatically send a cover sheet settings with every fax. Page Troubleshooting and routine maintenance Examples of poor print Recommendation quality Make sure that you use paper that meets our specifications. Relay Broadcast From A Machine The fuser unit is marked with a caution label.

Cleaning The Drum Unit Checking The Page Counters Put the machine near a telephone wall jack and a standard, grounded AC power outlet.